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There is no small secret, but I'll tell you... I LOVE OK Go. LOVELOVELOVE that song. Your daughter would hate my music too, I suspect.


I found that video - and first learned about OK Go - after having this insane urge to dance on a treadmill after I got my mp3 player and started taking it to the gym. (My trainer begged me not to; my husband offered to buy a treadmill for the house if I would. Call that "OK, Go figure.")

Anyway, just watching that - and knowing I'm not the only crazy one - makes me happy.

Something Else

[ﻩﺫﺍ ﻩﻭ ﺎﻠﺤﻜﻣ] Aw, what do kids know about good music?  These are great!


[this is good] I love that OK Go song.  I have never watched the video until now.  I love it!


I love it! I nabbed the OK Go video for my blog too. Put me in a good mood all day. I need a collection of songs like that and maybe I'll start exercising again...



Hard not to have happy feet when that's on!

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