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You are fabulous, Holly and wowza you're LOOKING fabulous! I'm loving how you just throw yourself into this vox thing. :-D


Georgia Lynn

As for trying any food, The Daily Show once ended with their Moment of Zen, showing, I believe, Japanese business men eating LIVE BABY SCORPIANS! I kid you not. Would you eat that?


Oooh, got me there. Actually, there's a rule in our house: You can't say "Ewwww, yuck, gross!" unless you've actually tasted it. However, you can say, "I'm not quite ready to try that just yet." I'm not sure I see the point of eating something to prove your machismo (of course, I'm a girl - I have no machismo to prove, and that's fine by me). I ought to amend that item, though - I am no longer willing to try certain foods that carry an unacceptable risk of disease (brain matter, eyeballs - CJD) or injury/death (fugu, scorpion stingers) - I mean, when I said "try any food" I really was thinking of things typically regarded by a large number of people AS food (that even included things like sheep's eyeballs, at the time - you know, things like tripe and haggis). Only lately have I heard of things like eating live scorpions, or worse, live monkey's brains. Nooooooo... to me, that's just not "food." That's a sick sort of entertainment, maybe, but not "food."


That's truly remarkable, never to be angry with anyone for anything. A friend of mine recently observed that love and hate are not opposites, that love does not preclude anger. He knew a teacher who claimed never to become angry at the misdeeds of his students, and remarked, "I felt very sorry for those kids." We only get angry when we care, in other words. It's easy to be "cool" or "lukewarm" when we don't care.

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