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Your parents took to to Africa at 5? There have to be like tons of vaccinations for that.... I couldn't watch it. They were really brave.


I don't even remember, now, what shots I had to have. They weren't any worse than any other shots I ever had (which is really making light of the whole situation in retrospect, me being so needlephobic and all). The trip, though, was a blast. Definitely worth the agony of a few shots. But the teacher? "Ik."


[this is good] that woman sounds dreadful. I had one of those teachers--in kindergarten too, come to think of it. another one in sixth grade. i do feel for you. what a hateful letter to write about any little child. eh, maybe someone was overdue for retirement?


Heh...I'm not sure she's retired, yet. I found an article online that she'd written; published in an eZine in 2002. I don't think she was all that old; got me thinking she could easily be about my parents' age or even a tiny bit younger. Even if older, she could still be teaching (or have been teaching up until a few years ago).


I had one in First Grade and another in Third Grade (last I heard, she was still teaching at the elementary school; all my other teachers had moved on or retired, but she was still there tormenting students) - after that, I didn't have too many really hateful teachers. My Seventh Grade Latin teacher was strict, but good - I didn't like her at the time, but I came to appreciate her later. The rest were either good or not memorable. A few stand out in my memory as exceptionally good, kind, and eager to go beyond the call of duty to teach and help their students. So far, my son's had a few of those and no truly awful teachers (though he did have one truly awful Kindergarten assistant teacher, but she didn't last long).

Red Pen

[this is good] Wow. Teacher of the year material...not!


When I first heard Harry Chapin's Flowers are Red, I thought of her...and not in a good way.

Porky without Bess Pig

[this is good]

I was once a kindergarten teacher and look how I turned out. Oh sorry probably a bad example. The late great Bernard Shaw said "Those who can do, and those who can't: Teach"

She was desparately jealous of your talent which was doubtlessly evident even at the tender age of 5.

Either that or yearned for a child and couldn't have one. Probably one of those Les Miserable type who go into teaching to compensate for an inadequacy we don' t want to know about.

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