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[this is good] Do you eat the m&ms one by one? Or am I the only one who does? LOL

I like to savor them 'cause I don't want to let myself have too many. ;-)

Have you tried the dark chocolate variety? Probably would melt even more slowly...


[this is good]

Dark chocolate variety?

You're not helping my Sparkly resolve to stay under 1550 calories a day! @#$%!  Nope, haven't tried those yet.

I eat them one by one...two by two...small handsful at a time. I let them melt slowly in my mouth (or used to, back when they'd do that), or bite them in half and chomp into their chocolatey goodness. I mix them with coffee, sometimes with fruit. Such a versatile little treat.

Dark chocolate variety, you say? I'm just savoring the thought of that...


Partly it could be the weather, Holly? Colder and all that?

I dunno. But here's how I eat M&Ms: I pour a handful. Read a few pages of my book. When the M&Ms are so melty that the hard candy shell has started making crackling sounds (and discoloring my hand) then I eat them.


Also, you should know: Peanut BUTTER M&Ms are to die for.

Gunderson Bee

I'm on a diet. My mouth is watering. And it's the witching hour for my stomach and cravings....


(loved the your past few posts by the way. Can't comment publicly tho. Twas worth a read or two, definitely.)


@beba: "To die for"? I think not. Creamy Jif and a liberal sprinkling of Nestle semi-sweet morsels. Now, that's "to die for." Or Nutella on a warm Eggo waffle.

I hate us all.

@Bee: See above. And I just had a good dinner, too, dammit. I'm confused - this isn't a public comment? I love Godiva truffles, too. And pretzels, but not together...


Oooh!  I have a good way to eat M&Ms...  In college, I was studying by the pond when I realized I had a bag of M&Ms in my backpack...  I opened the bag, popped some in my mouth...  And they exploded with ooey-gooey goodness when I bit into them!  From that point forward, I have made it a point to let my M&Ms sit out in the sunlight to get melty every now and again...  Chocolate explosions are always welcome in this mouth!


And on cloudy days, you can just tuck the bag in your jeans pocket and forget about it for, oh, thirty minutes... ;) Same general effect! Thanks for reminding me!


I'm going to put it out there that M&M's just don't taste the way the used to taste. I suspect that there was once lard, heroin, liquor in them that prevents us from having the same sort of enjoyment today. I also suspect that our puritanical history compels us to find whatever people enjoy and hop up legislation against it.

Can't I have butter? Is that so wrong?


Would you STOP that? Dammit, you owe me two monitors and a laptop now, Tilde.

Red Pen

Hmm. I suspect the ingredients in M&Ms have steadily become more artificial over the years. There may be nothing from nature left in there to make them taste good.

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