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[this is good] oh boy. Quite something!

My big challenge was around 1998, it started innocently enough. I moderated a poetry chat, five times a day, six days a week. We had a few people who would enter chats in gangs, the effect being the chat was destroyed. I simply could not keep up with the influx of jolly rogers, kitten collectors, knights in armour, ascii notables and deathstalkers. They would come in, post inane crap and before I could lock them out, twelve more would take their place.

Eventually I had to create *by invitation only* chats. Now,a that may work in the short term, but not in the long term.  Things came to a head when  I became ill and no one was willing to help.


darn if I don't agree to moderate over and over again... I just can't seem to get away from wanting to help. It would be nice to get paid though.

btw, Thank you for being a moderator, Holly! You're doing a great job, keep it up!


Hahahaha!! Thank YOU, too, Inkshell - for all you do for the online community and the furtherance of poetry. :) Yeah, I can relate to that one, too. I've run online poetry workshops and adult writing workshops, and once hired a woman to help teach basic writing skills - then had to turn around and ban her account when I corrected her explanation of active vs. passive voice and she turned on caps lock and yelled "F*** YOU!" (only without the asterisks)... (Who, but a bunch of writers, could get that pissy over "active vs. passive voice," anyway? I mean, you have to laugh.) Yeah, it's fun some days. But...yeah. It's fun. Some days.


Ah I feel sorry for you.

You seem to have encountered a real life troll. But fear not, thanks to the maximum security virtual prisons known as 4chan and girlspace.com, most mods never have to deal with such things nowadays.

Haha, clueless newbie. So sorry, but as the saying goes YHBT.

Its strange to meet an old-school geek, most users of the intarwebs don't even know what a SysOp is, especially outside of IRCdom.

Vox Lit Liberation Front

I wonder if your troll had hobbit feet...


[this is good] Forget to mark as good ^^;

I should give you idea's for anecdotes more often.

Being a mod does have one perk though, you get cool text under your name (on a BBcode and most forums), and in the end, isn't that what makes it truly worth it?


No. It's the "phenomenal cosmic powers" that make it worth it. ;) It's being able to make the "Death Robes" add 100 hit points, rather than subtract 1000. But then again, it's that itty bitty living space that should give one pause...

You go right ahead and give me ideas for anecdotes - you provoke some of my best ones, I think!


I've just learnt the joys of editing other peoples posts :)

I never realised so many people found me to be a total sex-god and the greatest thing ever to happen to them ;p


This was funny!  I remember chatting on the old CB boards back when 2400 baud was so fast we could barely afford it!


[this is good] great story


[this is good] I remember CompuServe, but not Genie -- but I shall never forget this story! LOL! Nice one.

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