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[this is good] Unlike the vast underworld of sordid-horrors-in-writing I've stumbled across in the past. But I'm biased, anything I don't immediately judge to be 'pretentious' gets a win in my book. Tall Poppy Syndrome, neh?


LOL! Well, "bad poetry" is anything but pretentious. Or...I suppose it could be a parody of pretentiousness, but anything that sticks its snoot in the air and pretends to be literary when it's so deliberately not... Eh, makes my head spin. But there you have it. It can't just be accidentally bad (like so many bad poems that are trying so hard to be good poems) either. One does lose points for being accidentally good. I'm still amazed at how many people liked my "Ultimate Blue-Eyes White Volkswagen." (This was inspired after a mind-numbing hour or so spent in a darkened theater watching "Yuh-Gi-Oh: The Movie" with my son, and subsequently tormenting the child with made-up cards and moves.) Not only did my son and several friends like the thing, it was named one of the BEST poems of 2005 by the International Library of Poets. They tried to award me their Silver Bowl and other accolades, but I'm just too shy, you know, to accept any kudos for things like this.



Well you certainly win points for good breeding ;p

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