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Huh.  Although I eat it every so often in my Pho, tripe is not my favorite.

Good luck!


[this is good] Hmm, this is the second piece of "cow stomach" info I've come across in as many days. Yesterday I learned all about rennet and how I have to be selective with my cheese since I'm against veal production. (Go Tillamook!)

Thanks for this, Holly. It's very informative (and funny). I'll have to get to the rest later, but I'm pretty sure already that tripe ain't my bag. :)


[this is good] I was giggling like a fool the whole way through...

"the tripe needs to share"

LOL....I completely agree!!


[this is good] Thank you!! Yeah...and now I'm thinkin' the tripe could've just given me the whole bottle. What a waste of drinkable wine.


[this is good] Nice one Holly, good to see you going for it in the kitchen.

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