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Gunderson Bee

:) Such brave souls. With or without a nerf dart gun. 


Hah! Yes, I was not expecting that bit of ad libbing, so I didn't even flinch. Thank you!


[this is good] Well...I think I'll add Tripe to my list of DO NOT EAT foods...

Thanks for the PSA so to speak!!


Well I did say it was "edible." It is. Cooked long enough, it is not tough or particularly rubbery. It doesn't even have a strong bad taste. It just tastes a little "off" - you know - like the inside of some seashells smell.

Something Else

[ﻩﺫﺍ ﻩﻭ ﺎﻠﺤﻜﻣ] I sat here with my feet up on the treadmill (that doesn't work) eating milk chocolate chips, watching 4 videos about ......Tripe?  Holly, I won't even go into the tripe section of the grocery store!  I can';t believe you dragged me into this!  Anyway, here are a few things that entered my brain during my experience:

The bathing cap.  I howled.  I think I had one that looked like that back in Girl Scout Camp when we had to wear them.

The joy of off the wall cooking adventures
with your kid.  May he grow up to think this is normal behavior.  (Because it is.)

You ATE raw bovine innards!  You wondered what they are good for.  I'd say the coyotes enjoy them.

When that Scout of yours
gets into a wilderness survival situation and comes upon a herd, he won't need to waste a single part, 'cause his Mama taught him how to make tripe!

Gonna show us chittlins next?

Entertaining cooking show.  Don't send me any.  My appetite's off these days.  :~D

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