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Wow!  A great piece of writing, makes me feel as though I were there with you, suffering the cold and the vampire geese.  Can't wait to read the next installment.

Fortunately for me, Daughter never went on a camping trip with the Guides, and Scouts did Dad & Lad trips - so I got rid of the menfolk for a weekend.  That was a bonus!


Thanks! (Egg me on, and I might just finish the tale one day soon...) Last weekend was fun, bugs and all, because the weather and company were perfect. The moms and dads we camped with were laid back and fun - nothing to trigger my subversive, rebellious side. :) They camp to have fun, not to torture each other. I'll have to take BOTH kids camping, one of these days, so my daughter can see what it CAN be like. Unfortunately, I caught a cold - or my allergies are in full swing - so I've been sniffling and swallowing funny for a week. But I'd definitely do it again.


[this is good] Not finished reading yet...but this leapt out at me...

Watching my daughter, I saw plenty of proof that she was
capable, trustworthy, and resourceful.

I hope she was able to see that validation from you. It is truly priceless.



Something Else

[ﻩﺫﺍ ﻩﻭ ﺎﻠﺤﻜﻣ] They'll make a camper out of you, yet!  (But I loathe winter camping -- always!)


[this is good] I remember 2 terrible Girl Scouts camping trips where:
1. bears ate our food, skunks got into the latrines (which had icicles hanging from them -- early May in upstate NY), and a girl rolled out of the platform tent and fell 6 feet to the ground
2. the heat in the cabin died (it was February), and a girl broke her tailbone sledding.

Good times!!!


I enjoyed reading about your trip and laughed out loud over the         "Evil, red-eyed, vampire geese on the prowl".


Yes...and I haven't even gotten to the part where they were chasing all the girls around camp the next day. (Note I say "girls" - that's the girls on the next campsite. They tried chasing me, but I just stood my ground and yelled back at them. I don't think anyone had ever given them a taste of their own nastiness before. They were rather shocked. Now, imagine a look of shock on a three-foot-tall goose's face. THAT was funny. And a grown woman with her eyes narrowed at the creature from Hell, growling, "Bring it on, b****.")

I have a t-shirt for sale that has a picture of a goose with a similar bad attitude - check it out: http://www.cafepress.com/raffybelle

I took the photo - the goose in question was trying to go after my son, and I stepped in between. The goose then came after me. I snapped the picture and scrambled out of reach. This goose is just down the street from me. I think he knows where I live. ::shudder::

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