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Something Else

[ﻩﺫﺍ ﻩﻭ ﺎﻠﺤﻜﻣ] Wow!  Field corn from field to table.  How did he grind it?


In the blender. We tried using the Cuisinart; it has a stronger motor and a sharper blade. But it turns out that the sharp blade is an obstacle; corn gets stuck on it and it doesn't work efficiently. The blender, though old, is perfect. 

Something Else

Y'all do such cool stuff.


Yep, and we have fun doing it, too! :)


wow, that is from scratch, starting with corn.

I swung by to ask if you wanted to come over and do the 5word challenge again. I noticed you did it back in spring...


You'd have to wait until the corn dried out before you could grind it, right?


No...it's pretty dry to start with. This is not "sweet corn." It's "dent corn," I guess. (I'm not exactly an expert on corn.) Anyway, it makes good cornbread, but you could break a tooth on it if you tried to just eat it like corn on the cob. From what I've read, you simply couldn't boil it long enough.

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