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Something Else

Yuck!  Just when you thought it was safe to go back in ...


EEewww!!  I heard about this too!  YUCK is right!


Well, you know, I'm trying not to worry too much. Because:

(a) So far, my son seems fine. (I mean, as horrible as it would be to have this, it'd be worse to watch your kid get sick and die from it.)

(b) Sometimes, a cold or allergies are just...a cold, or allergies.

(c) If I do have amoebas eating my brain, there's no known cure and only a 3% survival rate. I'm gonna die.

(d) Time between onset of symptoms and death seems blessedly short. (See (b) above; I kind of think I'd know by now. Then again, onset of symptoms can occur any time up to 14 days after exposure...)

(e) I wasn't doing cannonballs. (Then again, I did dip my head in backwards in warm, chest-deep water to wet down and smooth out my hair - you know how us girls do. Good way to get water up the nasal passages.)

In one article, they wrote, "...anyone who exhibits flu-like symptoms who has been in a lake recently should see a doctor immediately." Why? There's no known effective treatment. You're gonna DIE. And I just know what most doctors would say if you went in and suggested something like this. I mean, I had a sore throat, sniffles, and a petechial rash on my shin - you should've seen the look on my doctor's face when I asked about meningococcal bacteremia... ;) Hey, one of those Internet sites said if you had been in a lake and had upper respiratory symptoms and a petechial rash, you'd better see a doctor because it could turn fatal in hours.

Here's some good medical advice for you: Stay off the Internet! LOL!

But on a more serious note, I do think people should be made aware of this before they go playing in warm lakes and rivers, and they should take reasonable precautions, like wearing nose-clips.


[this is good] OMG...  Scary stuff!  I knew I didn't swim in a lake this
summer for a reason...  I just thought it was because I was afraid
of going out in public wearing a bathing suit!  Teeheehee...


Wow! What terrible things!!

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